99% elderberry powder directly supplies high quality health care products
He4f9de26575e4394bbf1f162a33e975cv - 副本
CAS: 77-78-1 C2H6O4S Dimethyl sulfate 99% Organic intermediate material
20210603_144952_010 - 副本
CAS:1242137-15-0 Enzalutamide carboxylic acid for hormone therapies
OIP-C (1)
China factory directly sells raw materials Eutylone CAS: 802855-66-9
local anesthetic Lidocaine CAS No.137-58-6
CAS:102-97-6 Best Price Big crystal N-Isopropylbenzylamine
Cas 315-37-7 Testosterone enanthate Male Contraceptive, Male Hypofunction, Aplastic Anemia and So On
CAS: 109-32-0 C19H38O2 8-methylnonyl nonan-1-oate
CAS 6066-82-6 99% N-Hydroxysuccinimide NHS

Chemical Filling

High quality direct selling human growth hormone Hgh cas 12629-01-5 HOT LIST SN CAS. NO Name 1 1451-82-7 2-Bromo-4′-methylpropiophenone
Pmk Oil/BMK Oil New bmk CAS 20320-59-6 99% in stock  HOT LIST SN CAS. NO Name 1 1451-82-7 2-Bromo-4′-methylpropiophenone
Sodium Lauryl Polyether Sulfate15826-16-1
Specification item value CAS No. 15826-16-1 Other Names sodium lauryl polyether sulfate MF C14H29NaO
Handan Tongyi New Material Technology Co., Ltd. Professional export of high-quality chemical raw materials, resin chemical industry, and copper wire, aluminum ingot and other metals.


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